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Easter baby bunny card - CopyWith Love Mother at Easter with bookmark #22013 Easter Card on Blog

I just love the adorable baby bunny card – have a wonderful day!

Click on the purple card and the words will show up larger.

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Well the hustle and bustle is almost finished, need to go today and shop for Korey’s gifts and my landlady’s. If my granddaughter Ann Marie is looking at this blog post, I need her mothers address UPARCEL is telling me they need a complete addresss I need the apartment number, please e-mail me if you can help., The girl’s packages are sitting in limbo. Nice if I had her phone number also. Would really like to talk to her.

KOREY and I have tried every number we have all to no avail.
And if this isn’t kitty love I do not know what is! Unless the cat is trying to choke it but I like to think it loves it.

a href=”https://marlendy.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/537447_4214503167131_1952331091_n.jpg”>537447_4214503167131_1952331091_n
Now here is a unusual picture of a cat.<

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I just spent some time going thru my old, old e-mail. A friend sent me a site where I saw the Air Force band playing in Washington, DC. then since I love the sound of bag pipes was able to listen and watch various groups of bag pipers. It still amazes me what one can do on the internet. I can travel the world over and see and hear things I never could afford to do. I am very happy to say I have a very curious mind and will try new things to find out new items of interest. I have friends who are older than me and feel they cannot learn the computer, sure wish I could make they understand they could do it.

‘Well my Christmas cards will all go in the mail tomorrow a.m. I cannot believe what a poor selection the card shops had this year, some of my co-workers were saying the same thing. No matter where they went all they found was the same sad group. I have received some lovely ones from people living up north so it must be the store buyers here in Florida.

Another friend sends me lots of picture of cute animals and thought I would share this one with you.



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