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Etta Kett Dolls Beach Outfits

I decided since there was a wedding paper doll, she went to the beach on her honeymoon.

Sitting here trying to clean up my e-mail – hopeless case I get so much junk mail.

I still need to do my income tax filing – 4-15- is getting close.

Etta Kett Wedding


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Here is the last part of the book posted Sunday 5/19/13

Cinderella  #1730 page 3 of clothes


Cinderellla #1730 page 4 of clothes



Cinderella #1730 Back cover

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I will post half the book today, and the other half on Monday- May 20th.

Cinderella #1730 Artcraft

Cinderella #1730 page 1 of clothes

Cinderella #1730 page 2 of clothes

Where was I when the library was disposing their paper dolls?  Only this wrong with this book is the dolls are not perforated plus the pages are yellowed with age but the costumes and dolls are fine.  The price of this book on the cover is .10@ so it must be from the early 1940’s.  The art work is lovely and even the sister do not look ugly and mean as the story leads you to believe.  I am happy to have this in my collection.

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Good morning!  Here are the outfits for the Wedding.  This has been such a fun book to re-visit for me to do.  Also has inspired the theme for our paper doll party in Tampa next March or April.  That is if Alina approves.  Our theme would be “Weddings”

Haven’ decided what to post tomorrow, will find something this afternoon when I come home from Church.  Have a nice Sunday and hope you are all well.

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This was originally published in 1950, so the outfits are from the time I “dressed” to go to work.  Dress, nylons, gloves, earrings, purse and when it was going to church a hat was worn.  I still have a couple of the dresses hanging in my closet that I loved too much to part with. This was a time when the designers designed wonderful dresses and gowns.  Not like now, all you need is your underwear because the dresses are so see through now why bother.

Tomorrow we will have the Wedding outfits posted plus a guest list blank form that you can fill out.  I would wear those two suits to work now if I had them.

Sorry I missed posting yesterday, had some intestinal problems, even came home from work in the early afternoon. Took my cozy mystery about witchcrafters and stayed close to the ladies room

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Well, this is the first time I have gotten to use the computer since I started this book.  Korey showed me his schedule and he is lucky if he gets 6 hours of sleep lately.  But he wants to get this degree and realizes it takes a lot of long hours and hard work.  This semister ends May 30th. Then he gets to catch up on his rest and it starts all over again in August for his last year until May 30 2013.

Now on to the paper doll book. This is really a lovely one.

Note the stars on the blue dress.  Also if you are cutting these out it looks like some of the tabs got shorted in the scanning, so make them a little longer to hold the outfit on better.

Like I said last time, I like the idea the prince has lots of outfits also.

The Book calls this a Fashion Tote.  It is to be put together to carry the punched out dolls and clothes.  If you are cutting this set out, I would print this on a light weight cardboard to hold up better.  If your printer will not take this type of material print it on paper and paste to the cardboard before cutting out.

This is the last of this book, hope you have enjoyed it.  There is a number on the back of the book 2008-30 if you keep track of those things.

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This is the bridesmaid and her outfits, plus the front and back of the book.  Hope you have enjoyed seeing this one.  Sorry about not posting last night, college work on the computer took over.

The yellow dress belongs to the Maid of Honor.

I think this girl looks like she could be the Grooms sister.  Just me making my paper dolls into real people.

I love a good cake, also cookies.  Pies I do not do good with the crust.  Since Korey watches his weight so carefully, it has been a long time since I have had a good slice of cake.  This is the back cover of the paper doll book.

Here is the front cover with the Bride all dressed up in her Wedding Gown.  I  like the little cupid off the the right side.

Do not know what yet, as it probably will be Thursday when I post again, tomorrow night is church.  But will do something different other than Weddings.

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