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Well all I can say is I am glad January is over with, I did meet all my January 31st deadlines.

Alice in Wonderland paper doll book02072014

I finally found where the covers for Alice in Wonderland scanned themselves on the computer, so hopefully we will now get them on the blog.


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Augustpd11 006Augustpd11 005Augustpd11 004Augustpd11 003Augustpd11 002

This is Snow White from an older paper doll book, once I put them on the computer I had in mind to sell a lot and eliminate the clutter in my room, now I am sorry I sold some. Then I would have more information on this set.

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I think I have read all the Nancy Drew books more than twice.  At one time owned them all, but sent them on the one of my great granddaughters that liked to read.

Nancy Drew by Darlene Jones isbn#935223-40-5

This book has 3 different Nancy dolls from the 30’s 40’s and 50’s

Nancy Drew book #2 isbn 935223-63-4

This book makes the 4th Nancy Doll plus her 3  friends, Ned, Beth and George (a girl)

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Here is the last part of the book posted Sunday 5/19/13

Cinderella  #1730 page 3 of clothes


Cinderellla #1730 page 4 of clothes



Cinderella #1730 Back cover

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I will post half the book today, and the other half on Monday- May 20th.

Cinderella #1730 Artcraft

Cinderella #1730 page 1 of clothes

Cinderella #1730 page 2 of clothes

Where was I when the library was disposing their paper dolls?  Only this wrong with this book is the dolls are not perforated plus the pages are yellowed with age but the costumes and dolls are fine.  The price of this book on the cover is .10@ so it must be from the early 1940’s.  The art work is lovely and even the sister do not look ugly and mean as the story leads you to believe.  I am happy to have this in my collection.

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Sorry I have been a little upset, was in a car accident Friday a.m.  I am still kinda shaky inside.

Here is Katrinka from Holland, I have alway had a special fondness for Dutch items with the wooden shoes.

Katrinka from Holland - Dolls of all Nations - Hallmark

Katrinka from Holland - Dolls of all Nations - Hallmark - backside

This is so cute.

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Here is another page from an old Nursery Rhyme Book I had.

I think her little doll is so cute and sweet.  Also like the bed quilt.

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I have been going through all my many years of collecting this and that, whatever appealed to me here and there.  So tonight I decided to post something different.  I sent two of these soft paper books off  today to a younger collector of children’s books.  Later on tonight I came across one I forgot to send.  I started to look through it and wondered how many of us ever take the time to stop from our busy days and think back to our childhood days.  Maybe I am just getting sentimental because next Thursday is Thanksgiving and that was always a family gathering time.

Anyway there is some lovely art work in this book and I know some of you have smaller children that might enjoy seeing some of the pictures.

I will post a paper doll and a greeting card tomorrow.  Going thru items you enjoy and have had for a long time is a little stressful, at least for me.  Sorry but I needed a break.

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