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This card is done by one of my favorite artist. It is the 2nd card I received . Now that the hectic holidays are over with, is when I really look and appreciate the art work on my Christmas cards that I have received.

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1st Christmas card - a paper doll12082013_0002This is my first Christmas card for 2013 that I received. A sweet little girl paper doll.

guess I better get busy and get to the card store to buy my Christmas cards to send.
Korey came down from Palm Beach yesterday, put up the Christmas tree and outside lights.
It was fun decorating the tree together.

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Some Christmas cards from years past that remind us of the birth of our Lord.

From Angels bending near the earth card 2012

This one was received this year, I thought it really lovely and the Angels played a big part in the Christmas story.

The verse reads:

  • It came upon the midnight clear
  • That glorious song of old,
  • From angel bending near the earth,
  • To touch their harps of gold.

Thank you BJ for such a lovely card, inside has the story of a person unpacking her angel ornaments and the memories of friends she received them from.  I do that with our Christmas tree ornaments.  It is a time that brings great peace to me.  Life has been good to me giving me loving friends.

The rest of these items are just pictures of greeting cards previously posted on my blogs, so if you want information about any of them go to December of past years to find them.

Swan sleigh Christmas Card

Babe with star over manager card

Babe with animals in circle card

Mother Thersa saying card

1973 Christmas card #2

1975 Christmas card

1981 Christmas card

May our Heavenly Father give us all good Health and Happiness in 2013.  Love to all my faithful followers.  Marge

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Sorry I missed posting last night.  Our church had their Christmas Program then.  I did not get home until 10:00 and was too tired.  But I have 3 neat items to post for you tonight to make up for it.

First is a Santa Figure that you can paste on a light weight cardboard, cut out and fold so that he stands. If you cut a slit by his thumb on the empty hand, write small name tags you could made seating place tags for your Christmas dinner, or if you do not have an Angle for your tree top he could stand up there.  This is so cute and I thank Jean W. for sending this to me.  I love things like this, have a few in a box I save and look at each year.

Santa Figure to cut fold and stand up 2012

Second is a mouse Christmas card to add to me mouse card collection.

mouse standing on candle holder handle 2012

Third is a black and white paper doll card that you can color and cut out. This is a reprint by Jayne Keller of Dora December originally visited some years back.

Dora December by Jayne Keller redone 2012

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The first on “Mother and Child” is serious and beautiful.  This brings the true meaning of Christmas to us.  The birth of our Lord.

Mother and Child red gold background 2012The verse reads:

  • May his love fill your heart
  • with gentle peace
  • Merry Christmas

This is an American Greeting card #250Y15643-3

The second is more modern, clever and cute

Treetop tidings - Santa Claus 2012

This is an 8-3/4″ tall card from Treetop Tidings #82406340-101 – The verse reads:

  • and wishes
  • for an
  • absolutely
  • wonderful
  • new year!

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This is so cute, but then Linda does very cute and clever cards for all year sending.

Moo Year 2013 & Holidays 2012 card Linda Horner


Moo Year 2013 & Holidays 2012 page 2 pd clothes



If you would like a catalog write to L. Hoerner Ink at PO Box 336, Tioga, Pa 16946



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Sorry for not posting , this blank, blank computer works one minute and not the next.  I have been busy with long days at work, trying to address my Christmas cards and then forgetting to place an order for gifts.  Guess my mind and heart still want to do Christmas like I used to, but my body does not have the strength anymore.  I tire so easily now.

Anyway I am going to tease you tonight with page one of a two page set, that is a terrific card from a terrific artist and good friend.

Christmas Fairy by Larry Bassin 2012 page 1 of 2

Now this is the type of wonderful art work you receive if you join Larry’s  paper doll of the month club.  It will re-start in January 2013 = the cost if $40.00 for 6 months of lovely paper dolls. I will post page 2 tomorrow. Got to get back to doing my cards before 2013 arrives.  Want to get them in the mail tomorrow. Wishful thinking.

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This is fantastic, old fashion candles, ribbons, beads, ornaments and glitter balls.  The red background has bare trees embossed on it.Christmas Card 2012 - Jim Faraone


  • The verse reads:
  • Warmest wishes
  • for a wonderful Christmas
  • and a bright new year.

This is an American Greeting Card #07000210 UX15707-26P

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Well Barbara Clements is sure on the ball this year.  Her card is the first one I received this year.  It is a very cute snowman with birds. Could not get the picture to insert last night, here’s hoping I have better luck this morning.  So goodmorning all – have a wonderful Sunday.

1st Christmas card received 2012 B Clements

Aha! Success .  I can remember years ago building snowmen with my 2 girls, the laughing and rolling big snow balls and then going in to get warm and having hot chocolate and cookies.  The saying “The good ole days”  is for sure.”

The snow flakes are all embossed.  The verse reads “May your days be bright and your hearts be light HAPPY HOLIDAYS”

This card is from the National Wildlife Federation #39888CD3

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I know Christmas has long gone away, but I was putting away some things today and came across this card.  I must of pulled it out to post in December but then it got hidden under other mail on my table by my chair.  Anyway, since this came from a lovely lady who is the company’s attorney, I really had to laugh.  So as the saying better late than never goes,  here is a clever card:

In this day and age of everyone wanting to sue someone, I thought this was so funny.

The verse reads:

  • Wishing you a happy holiday season
  • and a wonderful new year.

This was printed by Executive Greetings Inc and is #S182-526

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