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Amazing what one can find when they break away from their normal habit.  My normal is eating supper, then laying down and reading one of my cozy mystery books.  WELL last night, I had no book to read, so in desperation I went to the bookcase and found this lovely book.

I had purchased it  quite a few Christmas times back, but never really did more than thumb through it.  Now last night I started to read it, wow, it has lovely pictures, helpful receipes, facts about how and why we celebrate customs at Christmas and where the custom came from.

Here are three illustrations that really caught my eye.  The first one because of the sweet little kitten in the picture.

The next one I thought was very cleaver, notice the use of tea cups and a fancy teaspoon.

I am very partial to Nut Crackers, if I had the room and lots of money I would have started collecting them years ago.  I have made a paper doll of one and also made it into a bookmark, the bookmark in posted under the category Bookmarks.

The now Christmas Classic, Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker premiered on December 18, 1892.  My grandson, Korey, took me to see the ballet a few years back, he got the owners wife of the company I work for to help him get the tickets  as he was just in high school, but it was a very, very nice surprise for me.  I had not been to the ballet since I move to Florida back in 1983 and missed going.

The book was written by Emilie Barnes and the painting are by Sandy Lynam Clough.  It was published by Harvest House Publishers and the ISBN # is 0-7369-0052-7

It tells one how to put on 12 different types of tea parties.  What fun to have one with all your friends invited.




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I thought about posting this when I received it but thought since the artist might still be selling it I should wait until after Christmas.  It is too cute not to post.

You can read the verse yourself since is it showing above.

This is done by L. Hoerner Ink of P.O. Box 336 Tioga, Pa 16946

She has a list of wonderful paper doll cards for sale of children and their pets so write for a list at the address above

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I will still post some Christmas cards this week.

The verse reads:

  • Greeting of the
  • Season and every
  • good wish for the coming
  • New Year

This was published by the Drawing Board Greeting Card Co. The artist was Arlene Noel and is #4-1393  I received this back in 1982 while I still lived in Ohio from my friend Marilyn.

Haven’t received one of this in years.  It was on top of a can of popcorn given to my by the Credit Union we deal with at work. When you open it, it plays the tune “Oh Christmas Tree”.  There is no name of a publisher on it, but I could easily drive Korey nuts listening to it.

When you open this card up there is a very pretty picture of a poinsettia with pine boughs all done in red ink at the top of the verse which reads:

  • Merry Christmas
  • and Happy New Year

This was published by Plus Mark, an American Greeting Company and is number 12830-5A

Received from Marilyn in 1989, she has the access to some wonderful stores in Cleveland that sell unusual cards and items.  Times like Christmas make me wish I was wealthy enough to fly back to Ohio to do my shopping.  Maybe it is the fact we get no snow, but Fort Lauderdale does not seem to get into the Christmas Spirit the way they do up north.

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I love fantasy, magic and mystical things.  This first card is titled “River Fairy” and the artist is Robin Kleinrock.  Now I think most of us have seen the little Nome before in pictures or catalogs but have you ever seen a river turn itself into a Fairy?  What a wonderful creative mind this person has.

Note the Nome in the green tunic with his hat off bowing before the River Fairy,

The verse reads:

  • Wishing you a most
  • magical holiday

This was published by Renaissance Greeting Cards #C51-75 and I received it back in 1990 from Arlene D’Elf


The next card I received today from Marilyn in Ohio, she shares my love of these things.  This one is titled “Forest Fairies” and the artist is Reuben McHugh.

The verse reads:

  • Season’s Greetings

but Marilyn wrote a lovely message:

  • May the Magic of
  • Christmas find you
  • and lead you into a
  • Happy New Year!

This was published by Paper D”Art in 2009 and is number XA06

There is gold and green glitter on a lot of the items which gives the card a 3 dimensional feel.

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This just has to bring a smile, all these jolly Santa Claus faces.  My friend, Marilyn who sent the card in 1997 and I both like the one on the bottom right with the pointy toed shoes, and I like the one with the glasses also, he looks like he is so happy.

The verse reads:

  • From all of us to all you
  • Merry Christmas

This is a Crown Point Graphics card #CRG 5185

The artist is Wim Schimmer

I love this little mouse, so cute and I have been re-reading a series of cozy mystery books that had a different quilt as a theme for each book, in each book they picture the quilt, tell its background story if known.  Also the lead character Bennie Harper works in a folk art museum that does a lot of quilt special displays,  so this ties in very nicely right now for me.

The verse reads:

  • Slipping in
  • to wish you the
  • happiest Christmas
  • ever.

It is a Sunshine Card #9-35X309-2 and I received it back in 1984

Love the way the big Teddy Bear is holding the little Teddy Bear and they are looking at the big star in the sky.  Almost like the big Teddy is telling the Christmas story to the little Teddy.

This is a Paper Magic card number 8100498503 and I received it back in 2003 from my friend in Ohio Cecilia Cobb.

The verse read:

  • Wishing you your favorite things
  • and dreams that all come true
  • Especially on Christmas Day
  • and throughout the new year too!

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Thank goodness, one more test tomorrow and Korey is through for this semester. Sorry this is a day or two late but he was on our computer to the wee hours.

I would just use a plain sheet of paper for the back cover, unless you want to write a message to the receiver of your gift on the inside .  Then put all the pages in plastic sleeves to protect them.  Tie with a piece of yarn or ribbon with a nice bow.

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Well I’,m back, Korey and I went to do some Christmas shopping this afternoon after we went out to eat lunch.

This came from my friend Marilyn who likes Fairies, Dragons, etc as much as I do.  The verse reads:

Warmest wishes for the Holidays.

The artist is Allen Atkinson and it was published by Sunrise Publications in 1981 and is #C954  I received it back in 1981.

The verse reads:

  • Wishing you all the
  • little joys of the season

I received this back in 2004 from Virginia Crossley and it is from the American Humane Socity. #3079  The artist was Manual Danner

I love this card, it is a shaped card with the back having the dress wrapped all the way around.  There is a red ribbon tied in a bow on the mouse’s tail and a very pretty white collar – oh forget it, I am scanning the back right now as this is such a sweet card and will stand up for a wonderful table ornament.

Have a nice evening – where we went to eat lunch there was a sign reminding  us that there were only 14 days to Santa.  I always say next year I am going to have everything done by Dec 1st, but it never seems to happen, although it does not seem like it at the moment, I will get everything done in time though, have for many, many years.

The verse reads:

  • Joy to the world. . .
  • and especially to you !

This is an Ambassador card number  pX520E  notice the little heart under the Ambassador name on the back of the card.

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Sorry, I spent a frustrating day trying to make a book mark to enclose in my Christmas cards to special friends.  Then mother nature decided I should spend my evening in the ladies room.  So since time is running out to mail items, I am doing a few more paper dolls today to finish up the paper doll part.  Will get the cover done for tomorrow and I could not find the art work for the bunny rabbit.

Well I tried to get different types of paper dolls and think I found pretty ladies, a man, a kitty, young girls and characters from comic strips and even a fairy. I did not realize how few black and white men paper dolls I had.  Guess before I do my coloring, I should copy the black and white one for future use.


If you use the flapper doll, here are simply instructions, you can paste them on the back side of the paper on the bottom.

Flapper Doll, color and cut, punch small holes where the x’s are, using tiny brads put the dolls limbs on with the brads.  If you are so inclined you could make a couple more dress for her. Our paper doll club brought fringe from the fabric store and gave her a fringe skirt, making a Christmas tree ornament out of her.  Enjoy and have fun.

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A couple of years back I got the bright idea from some of the Christmas cards I received that if I cut the main figure out, punched a hole in the top and tied a ribbon or thread through you could decorate a tree with nothing but the fairy

lights and figures from old Christmas Cards. A sample is shown above.  I made a color copy of the christmas card, then cut the figure out, the one on the left I punched a hole in the top of the head and strung gold thread through.  The one on the right had a nice saying so I cut the bottom of the saying longer so it could be folded back and made to stand on a table top if one wanted or again you could punch a hole and add a string.

Also you  could make a bookmark out of the one I will post now, or any figure, maybe get some laminate paper for the figure and use narrow red ribbon above the holy berries or is that mistletoe?  If you make a bookmark just be sure to use narrow ribbon so it holds the place good as it will get a lot of handling if anyone is like me,  I love to read and my bookmarks get constant use.

Note: an ornament or bookmark will slip into a Christmas card and mail easily for an extra thought for a special friend.

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This is the time of year when I try to think of something different as gifts for my friends.  Now I have a couple of paper doll collectors who really enjoy coloring the black and white ones.  So I thought it would be nice to make up a folder with some black and white paper dolls for them to color as a gift from me.  So here is one to start the folder off.  I will try to find some that have not been posted here before and that I think are extra special.  And if you are like me, with hours and hour rate cut backs I will be making a lot of my gifts this year.  I will draw a nice design for the folders covers also.  So feel free to copy my idea if you want.

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