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d-for-duckWith Love Mother at Easter with bookmarkeaster6b_small

The blue cARD here is the front of the poem card in the post above.


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Easter baby bunny card - CopyWith Love Mother at Easter with bookmark #22013 Easter Card on Blog

I just love the adorable baby bunny card – have a wonderful day!

Click on the purple card and the words will show up larger.

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Today we have 3 wonderful outfits for Annarose, she is jumping around here so excited,  I had to cut them out so she could try them on right away.

The first one is a lovely dress, so delicate it has to be a party or church going dress. This is from A Garden of Daisies blog (if you have not already, be sure to see it, she has so many wonderful things to share with all.

Annarose dress by Garden of Daisies 4-6-13

The next two are from Inger who lives in Denmark.  One is her original design of a lovely ball gown.

Ball gown by Inger for Annarose Bunny p.d. 4-6-13

The next shows what a fantastic mind this lady has for designing clothes.  I just love this outfit, so cleaver and the layers are what is in style here in Fort Lauderdale, Fla right now,

Aannarose outfit by Inger If you  plan to cut them out be sure to add tabs to hold them on the doll.  At the shoulders, hips and just below or above the  elbows depending on sleeve length, I usually add them.

A big THANK YOU goes to you both,  this is such fun to see what other people come up with.

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2013 Easter Card on Blog

Here’s to a wonderful Easter for all – Marge

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Hello all!  It is so good to be able to post to the blog again.  Today we have  a bunny paper doll to help celebrate Easter 2013.  This was done by me one day when I was recovering from a surgery and bored at being kept in bed.  BUT TODAY I was browsing and she said she wanted to go visiting, so here she is.  If you click on her you will be able to read the writing.  She is asking you to make her some new clothes.  If anyone does, e-mail to marges8@bellsouth.net and I will post them on the blog to share with all.

Annarose Bunny Paper Doll

Annarose Bunny Paper Doll clothes

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Since Easter is only a couple of weeks away, I thought I would re-post some bunny items to get you in the mood

EAster Bunny 1997 Marilyn

Brian Bunny Rabbit by Evelyn Gathings

This bunny has some pretty fancy outfits.

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