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This is a cute card!

The verse reads: “We pretend we’re GOOD at Christmas, don’t we?!

This is a Looney Tunes card  by Hallmark Cards, Inc. number 125SP 101-5 09-01

I received this from my adopted niece, Heather Marie a few years back, no date on it but I know it was the early 1990’s.

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This card reminds me of the song “I’m looking over a 4 Leaf Clover”.

Our front yard is full of 3 leaf clovers, and they do have lovely purple flowers certain times of the year.  I keep looking and looking but have never found a 4 leaf one here.  I did find one many, many years ago, but didn’t notice any change in my luck.

The front of this card is all embossed except a little that is painted on the bottom, grass and flowers in the background.

The verse reads: “Juat a wee St. Patrick’s Day “Hi”! and the card was sent to me back in 1990.

It is an American Greetings card number 100P 0217 -2E and is from the “Forget Me Not” series.

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This is a happy little mouse dressed as an Irish gentleman.

The verse reads: …from the bottom o’ me little heart!

This is a Hallmark card number 99SP 106-4

Loretta sent this to Korey back in 2000.

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This is an unusal St. Patrick’s Day card, Butterflies and a Unicorn, might say it is a Fantasy Card.

There are shamrocks in the Unicorn’s mane and the young lass is wearing green.   Perhaps the butterflies and the clouds are to suggest that the unicorn and his rider are in the air.

This is a Forget Me Not card from American Greetings number FP 0319-02Y

  • The verse reads:
  • Hope these wishes
  • work like magic
  • So they’ll come true
  • one by one,
  • And if they do, Wow!
  • Lucky You!
  • You’ll sure have
  • lots of fun!
  • Wishin” You…
  • A Happy St. Patrick’s Day,
  • Lots of
  • Great Things to Do,
  • and Happy-go-Lucky
  • Day’s All Year

I received this back in 1998 or 1999 from a friend.

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This came from the March 1957 issue of Childrens Playmate Magazine

These are some ideas for place cards, invitations to a party, greeting cards (I think the cute little pig with the Irish Hat on would make a terrific greeting card maybe small shamrocks in each of the 4 corners, or a larger one on the inside of the front cover.)

A simple “Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you”  is all the verse you would need.  Underline it in a Green color line.

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This is a sweet windblown lady mouse carrying a basket of shamrocks.  The basket is made out of an acorn.

The verse reads:

  • “Just dropping by
  • With a
  • Shamrock bouquet
  • To Say, “Have a happy
  • St. Patrick’s Day!”

This is a Hallmark card number 95 SP 106-4  02-17

I received this back in 1993 from my friend Marilyn.

BOOKMARK:  Seems lately my mind is on bookmarks.  Now this would make a sweet one to enclose in a St. Patrick’s Day card to a friend.

The original card is 5″ and a regular bookmark is 6-7/8″, so I would print the above card out (either size would be fine), paste it on a light weight (like a manila file folder)  cardboard. I would cut the white parts on the left side by the back of the hat out and if you feel daring by her hand holding the hat, if not just leave that white part. Make a hole in the top of her hat and with pink or a dark green (to match the shamrocks) embroidery thread would make a tassel.  Or you can use a narrow 1/8″ ribbon about 8″ long, fold it in half, thread the folded end through the hole and then the two ribbon ends through the loop and pull.

I am going to make one for a shut- in friend of mine.  I think a small gift inside of a card is so thoughtful and when I would get one it made me very happy. Paper goes through the mail very easily and a handmade items shows the person you really thought of them.

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This is a very lovely card.  On the inside bottom of the front page it reads:

For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee…saith the Lord. Jeremiah 30:17

The verse reads:

  1. Sending you the warmest thoughts
  2. And then a special prayer –
  3. May God be close beside you
  4. And keep you in His care…
  5. May knowing that He cares for you
  6. In such a special way
  7. Help you find in His great love
  8. New strength with each new day.

This was given to me when I had my hip replaced by my grandson Korey, then  19 years old, in 2004  He has always had the talent for picking out the loveliest cards both in picture and verse.  If I haven’t said it before, he writes some beautiful poems.

This is a Hallmark Card number C 842-6

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This is a die-cut card of a cute leprechaun.   He has a front and back side so you can do a couple of things with him.

The verse reads: ” Just thinkin’ about how nice you are to think about! Happy St. Patrick’s Day”  (This is the way thinkin” is spelled on the card)

This is  a Hallmark card number 150SP 105-3 02-17

The shamrock on the back of the card was cut out and pasted over the Hallmark logo and the saying hand written on it by the person who sent me the card in 1991.

The card is 7 1/4 ” from top to bottom. I am not sure what size he will print out from the blog, but your printer will let you adjust the size if need be.

I think he is very cute, and if you took an 8″ piece of narrow yellow ribbon, punched a small hole in the top of the hat  folded the ribbon in half, thread the fold end thru the hole and then push the ends thru the loop you would have a nice bookmark.  Or if you did not want him front and back, you could just use the front and do the same thing.  Also instead of ribbon use embroidery floss and make a tassel like the commercial bookmarks have.

Or just print him out, glue together at the top of the hat and send a cute card to a friend.

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This is a card I received from my daughter when my youngest grandson was born in 1987.  I thought it was so sweet because my daughter wrote it like the baby was talking.

the verse reads: “Your lovely gift was even nicer because it came from you!–Thanks for you Thoughtfulness”

This is an American Greeting Card number TU 748 -&E

Hard to believe Dustin is now grown with a son of his own. Makes me feel kinda ancient.

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This is a wonderful card with the little kittens.  I am part Irish, had red hair when younger and have the Irish temper,  so I am partial to this day.

The verse reads: “Whether you’re Irish or whether you’re not – May the luck of the Irish be your lot!”

This is a Fronessi Greetings Inc card number 75 SP 7810   and I received it from Marilyn back in 1997.

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