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This is Snow White from an older paper doll book, once I put them on the computer I had in mind to sell a lot and eliminate the clutter in my room, now I am sorry I sold some. Then I would have more information on this set.

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Well we have come to the end of this fantastic book. Tonight we have Queen Morgan le Fay and her son Monfred.

Morgan wanted Monfred to kill his father, King Arthur and take over the land.

Camelot - Morgan le Fay

Camelo - Sir Monfredoops! Almost forgot Sir Galahad.

Camelot - SirALAHAD


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This is the next to the last post for this set, tomorrow I will post the 2 evil people.

Today we have Sir Tristram and La Belle Isolde – lovers that died as they could not be together.

Camelot - Sir  T                                                   Camelot - Sir Tristrum

Camelot - La Belle Isolide

Well spring break is over, classes start tomorrow.  I went with Korey to Palm Beach as he took his belonging back, went to the church service where he is an intern and out to lunch.  then did the hour drive back alone.  It was not bad this time as I left earlier and the traffic was not too bad and the sun was still high in the sky.  Got home around 3:00.  My desk at work beckons me in the morning and another week starts.  Have a good one all.  Marge

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If I am lucky, after an hour I will get to post Lady of the Lake, she is the one who rose out of the lake and gave Arthur the sword called Excalibur the sword of Kings. It is now Sat am.  Will try again, my something or other is out of date and it does not seem to want to insert pictures in my posts.

Camelot - Lady of the Lake


Camelot - Lady of the Lake overlay

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Tonight we have Elaine le Blank, who committed suicide because she loved Lancelot, but he loved  Guinevere

Also Sir Gawain who accepted the challenge to kill the Green Knight (a giant) as none of Arthurs’ knights would do so.

Camelot - Lady Elaine le Blank

Camelot - Sir Sir Gawain

More to come, I am saving the bad guys and gals until last, so there are a couple of more days to post this book.

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I cannot stop looking at this book, I just enjoy it so much.  But then I have always liked the thought of Camelot.

Tonight we have King Arthur, Queen Guinevere and Sir Lancelot,  which I think are the main 3 characters of this story.

Camelot - King Arthur

King Arthur


Camelot - Sir Lancelot Amour

This suite of Amour belongs to Sir Lancelot

Arthur & Guinevere's Court Clothes - Camlelot

King Arthurs and Queen Guinevere Court clothes

Camelot Queeb Guinevefe

Queen Guinevere

Camelot Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot

More to come tomorrow night.

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I posted Morgan le Fay a while back, a copy of the doll in this book.  At that time I stated I really would like to get this set.  Well patience paid off and someone was selling and I got to buy it.  I really really enjoy it.  On the back of each page Mike told the story of the character. It has many pages, so will be posted over a few nights, with the co-operation of my equipment.

Camelot - Merlin the Wizard by Charlotte Whatley

Camelot - Merlin's overlay



This is Merlin the Magician

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This is another card from Marilyn, she has a basement just filled with lovely cards, stationary, and all kinds of paper items.  This arrived on the day I scheduled my surgery and it was so wonderful for cheering me up  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Marilyn, you always know what will please me and make me happy.

The artist are Jean and Ron Henry –

It is published by Flame Tree Publishing in the United Kingdom. Card #FB 12

On the back  of the card is this extract from A Midsummer-nights Dream by William Shakespeare:

  • Fetch me that flower;
  • The herb I show’d thee once:
  • The juice of it on sleeping eyelids laid,
  • Will make a man or woman madly dote
  • Upon the next live creature that it sees.

The Angel wings and the moon are done in glitter.  Notice the butterfly and the bees.  The stars are raised but I cannot tell if it is done with glitter by feel.  Those tiny fairy faces are all done so they have a different look to each one.

This is a lovely painting, and of course that is what greeting and note cards are, miniature are work.

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I will still post some Christmas cards this week.

The verse reads:

  • Greeting of the
  • Season and every
  • good wish for the coming
  • New Year

This was published by the Drawing Board Greeting Card Co. The artist was Arlene Noel and is #4-1393  I received this back in 1982 while I still lived in Ohio from my friend Marilyn.

Haven’t received one of this in years.  It was on top of a can of popcorn given to my by the Credit Union we deal with at work. When you open it, it plays the tune “Oh Christmas Tree”.  There is no name of a publisher on it, but I could easily drive Korey nuts listening to it.

When you open this card up there is a very pretty picture of a poinsettia with pine boughs all done in red ink at the top of the verse which reads:

  • Merry Christmas
  • and Happy New Year

This was published by Plus Mark, an American Greeting Company and is number 12830-5A

Received from Marilyn in 1989, she has the access to some wonderful stores in Cleveland that sell unusual cards and items.  Times like Christmas make me wish I was wealthy enough to fly back to Ohio to do my shopping.  Maybe it is the fact we get no snow, but Fort Lauderdale does not seem to get into the Christmas Spirit the way they do up north.

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