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4 more dresses Susies Pets McLoughlin Bros 1859

Back 4 more dresses Susies Pets McLoughlin Bros 1859

Sorry – went to church last night, it was raining so bad you could not see the tail lights of the car in front of you, so we stopped and ate supper.  It was still bad driving home and I was too tired to blog – sorry.  Being on a free way with idiots going 70 miles per hour when you cannot see ahead of you scares me silly, I will be the first to admit it.  Think tomorrow we will start posting some male movie stars, so see you then.

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This was in the souvenir binder from the Lavonia Michigan paper doll party.  I think she is sweet. She is a front and back doll as are her dresses, there is also one hat.

Susies Pet  - McLoughlin Bros envelope & front of doll

Back of envelope and back of doll Susies Pets 1859

2 dresses Susies Pets McLoughlin Bros 1859

Back of 2 dresses Susies dresses 1859

Tomorrow we will have 4 more dresses and a hat.  I think the blue dress is my favorite of the two.  It  is too bad there is a stain on the blue skirt, but then if you had been around since 1859 you might have a stain or two also.

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Judy Johnson was the guest speaker at the Lavonia paper doll party on 6-01-2013.  She also drew a souvenir for those attending.  The doll is from the 1950’s drawn by Davi Botts with color added by Judy.

Lavonia Souvenir by Judy Johnson 6-1-2013

Back then I bought a candy apple red ford convertible, sure thought I was something when I drove it.

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Well it is a little late, but here is the rest of this book, Thomas Jefferson and Mary Philipse.

Colonial Characters Thomas Jefferson & Mary Philipse


Col Characters Thomas Jefferson clothes


Col Characters Mary Philipse clothes


This coming weekend is the weekend Alina and I host our Paper Doll Party, I am busy getting the folders together that will be given out as souvenirs, taking the train to Tampa, I love to ride trains, but have to take a bus home on Sunday as the train is not running on Sunday and I need to be at work on Monday.  I am taking Friday off as it is. So my next post will not be until Monday evening.  Have some new items I purchased in a for sale round robin.

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This is one of the Souvenirs from the 2011 International paper doll convention. There are 4 dolls all done by different artists.  This is a new idea and they all worked very well together.  I personally prefer the old way where one artist does the entire item.  This is because I file my paper dolls by artist name.

Today we have Benjamin Franklin and Dolley Madison.

Colonial Characters 2011 Pa PD Conv souvenir

Col Characters Ben Franklin clothes

Col  Characters Dolley Madison clothes

Tomorrow (if this picky scanner is working, which it was not the past couple of days) we will have Thomas Jefferson and Mary Philipse.  I like the way they added a short bio for each person as I had never heard of Mary before, she is interesting.

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