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These lovely little girls came cut. Not sure if it is from one set, need to look thru my reference books and see what I can find on them’


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historyoffashion4_smallHave a series of this type of paper doll.

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4 more dresses Susies Pets McLoughlin Bros 1859

Back 4 more dresses Susies Pets McLoughlin Bros 1859

Sorry – went to church last night, it was raining so bad you could not see the tail lights of the car in front of you, so we stopped and ate supper.  It was still bad driving home and I was too tired to blog – sorry.  Being on a free way with idiots going 70 miles per hour when you cannot see ahead of you scares me silly, I will be the first to admit it.  Think tomorrow we will start posting some male movie stars, so see you then.

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This was in the souvenir binder from the Lavonia Michigan paper doll party.  I think she is sweet. She is a front and back doll as are her dresses, there is also one hat.

Susies Pet  - McLoughlin Bros envelope & front of doll

Back of envelope and back of doll Susies Pets 1859

2 dresses Susies Pets McLoughlin Bros 1859

Back of 2 dresses Susies dresses 1859

Tomorrow we will have 4 more dresses and a hat.  I think the blue dress is my favorite of the two.  It  is too bad there is a stain on the blue skirt, but then if you had been around since 1859 you might have a stain or two also.

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This is done by the same artist that did “Andi”

This set appeals to me, I like all the outfits and the face on the doll.  She looks as if < she were a real person> she would be very interesting to talk to.  I have always been pulled to looking at faces, in pictures, and real life.



Looks like we have a fall and winter wardrobe first and then a summer, spring wardrobe last.  I like the trim on the black and white dress and the hat with the veil.

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Well I spent the last couple of hours finding out that Andi’s name is actually ANDIELEA and created by a Nellie, I also printed off another paper doll by the same person “Aunt Minnie” so will post Minnie at a later date.

Here are the rest of Andi’s clothes:

Andi page #4

Andi page #5 - the end

I like the way the gray dress is pleated, and the middle outfit above I would have worn to work.

This has become one of my favorite sets. I was studying the post from last night and it brought the memory of me and the garter belts I used to wear. Wish the artist had done more.  If I can back back into her site there were a couple of young girls there.   Have a nice night and see you all tomorrow on the blog.

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The outfit with the fur jacket and the 2 dogs really caught my eye in this set. Marilyn gave me this set to blog and share.  Also gave me some gold glitter to put on the black dress.

Mae West by Tom Tierney

Mae West by Tom Tierney #2

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I have posted some of these by the artist/ designer Chiquet, but these are by a new artist to me for this type of paper dolls.  I picked up a plastic folder off the free bee table thinking there was only one paper doll in it, found I had 10 of these great paper dolls.  I have long looked for them.

Your Dress & Dolly's by Laura Valentine Feb 1923

This set is even before my time, I find them interesting as they show what children were wearing back in the early 1900’s.  I like pattern 3830 best.  After looking at this closer  I am not sure Laura is the artist of the paper dolls or a dress designer, I think the later but maybe both.

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My friend Marilyn, while holding one of Pat’s dresses in her hands, make this comment.  Being posted on the blog does not do the lovely art work of Pat’s justice.  You really need to hold it in your hands to appreciate all the detail she does.  I agree!

Here are the rest of the dresses for this set:

Marie A pink-peach and a pink-blue-blk dress by Pat O'Rourke


Marie A white and purple-blue dress by Pat O'Rourke

There are 4 head pieces also, there is a slit in the dolls head that you stick the tab shown on the bottom of each piece.  Gives her a change of hair style to go with different dresses.  Hope you enjoy seeing this set as much as I enjoy having it.  Thank you again Pat.

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To begin – as the saying goes I BAD! I went away and forgot to tell you I was going.  I left on May 30th and flew to Cleveland, Ohio.  Stayed with Marilyn, then on Friday Louise Leek, Elaine, Marilyn and myself went up to Lavonia, Michigan for the paper doll party on Saturday June lst.  Louise did all the driving, I read the directions. The paper doll club did a wonderful job putting on their first paper doll party, there were about 41 people.  Lots of paper dolls for sale, Judy Johnson gave a very nice slide show and talk.  It was so good to see old friends and meet some new ones.  We drove back to Cleveland on Sunday and I flew back to Fort Lauderdale, monday and was at work on tuesday.

I started the party with a wonderful gift from Pat O’Rourke of her Marie Antoinetter paper doll card.

I will post part tonight and the rest tomorrow night.

Marie A doll and blue dress by Pat O'Rourke

Marie A  green dress & blk and red dress by Pat O'Rourke

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