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Etta Kett Dolls Beach Outfits

I decided since there was a wedding paper doll, she went to the beach on her honeymoon.

Sitting here trying to clean up my e-mail – hopeless case I get so much junk mail.

I still need to do my income tax filing – 4-15- is getting close.

Etta Kett Wedding


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DixieNewLook2 (2)

I spent all weekend trying to get this paper doll inserted into my blog.  Tonight I opened the computer, c;licked on the paper doll and it went straight into the media gallery and then into my blog.  NOW IF I ONLY COULD REMEMBER WHAT I DID. oH YES finally passed the first of three driving tests.  Hope to do the other 2 this week so I can get my license back.  Thank goodness for a wonderful landlady and a sweet young co- worker, they get me to and from work. Thank you both, I would be lost without you.

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Thought it might be time to post another Brenda Starr for you all to color and cut.  I like this one especially because it has her dog “Tornado” in it.

Brenda Starr 12-14-1941


Brenda Starr 12-14-1941 page 2

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One of the attendees of the Paper doll Party last Saturday bought me a gift of some comic strip paper dolls.  This one and one  from the comic Gasoline Alley.


This is from 12/20/1992.  I love it when there are dates on the comics so I know when the paper doll was published.

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This is from a reprint book by Lorraine Burdick.

Flyin Jenny page 18 Burdicks book reprints

This is one of my favorites.  From the tent she must have just received a box from home.

I like her pose, it is different than the usual one of facing front with both arms down at her sides.

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Have a couple of black and white Brenda Star paper dolls for you today. The first is Daphne takes a Beauty Nap.  These were individual pieces pasted on one sheet upside down.

Daphine takes a Nap - Brenda Starr

Siberia, I think is a very cute girl, for those not in the know, she has light brown skin if you are coloring this.

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Glenn came with no name, but was submitted by Glenna, so I thought Glenn would be the perfect name.  After all everyone needs a name.

Tillie the Toiler Fashion Parade - Male 1934

Okay all dressed up in a Tuxedo to take a girl to dinner and dance.  Now here is the problem –

Should we match up Max since I posted him first, or Glenn since he was last to be posted.  Let us know with a comment which girl from yesterday you matched up with which male.

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