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Etta Kett Dolls Beach Outfits

I decided since there was a wedding paper doll, she went to the beach on her honeymoon.

Sitting here trying to clean up my e-mail – hopeless case I get so much junk mail.

I still need to do my income tax filing – 4-15- is getting close.

Etta Kett Wedding

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DixieNewLook2 (2)

I spent all weekend trying to get this paper doll inserted into my blog.  Tonight I opened the computer, c;licked on the paper doll and it went straight into the media gallery and then into my blog.  NOW IF I ONLY COULD REMEMBER WHAT I DID. oH YES finally passed the first of three driving tests.  Hope to do the other 2 this week so I can get my license back.  Thank goodness for a wonderful landlady and a sweet young co- worker, they get me to and from work. Thank you both, I would be lost without you.

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Thought it might be time to post another Brenda Starr for you all to color and cut.  I like this one especially because it has her dog “Tornado” in it.

Brenda Starr 12-14-1941


Brenda Starr 12-14-1941 page 2

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One of the attendees of the Paper doll Party last Saturday bought me a gift of some comic strip paper dolls.  This one and one  from the comic Gasoline Alley.


This is from 12/20/1992.  I love it when there are dates on the comics so I know when the paper doll was published.

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This is from a reprint book by Lorraine Burdick.

Flyin Jenny page 18 Burdicks book reprints

This is one of my favorites.  From the tent she must have just received a box from home.

I like her pose, it is different than the usual one of facing front with both arms down at her sides.

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Have a couple of black and white Brenda Star paper dolls for you today. The first is Daphne takes a Beauty Nap.  These were individual pieces pasted on one sheet upside down.

Daphine takes a Nap - Brenda Starr

Siberia, I think is a very cute girl, for those not in the know, she has light brown skin if you are coloring this.

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Glenn came with no name, but was submitted by Glenna, so I thought Glenn would be the perfect name.  After all everyone needs a name.

Tillie the Toiler Fashion Parade - Male 1934

Okay all dressed up in a Tuxedo to take a girl to dinner and dance.  Now here is the problem –

Should we match up Max since I posted him first, or Glenn since he was last to be posted.  Let us know with a comment which girl from yesterday you matched up with which male.

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Yesterday I posted two pretty girls from Tillie, not to ignore the male population, here is Max

Max Baer from Tillie the Toiler by Charlotte Howard

He would look terrific in his blue jacket and gray pants to take one of the girls from last night to dinner and a show.  Having trouble figuring which girl I would match him up with. Any ideas – lets have some fun.

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Well! I had my 6 months check up with the heart doctor today and he said my heart was good.  So guess I will be blogging a while longer. Paid my bills last night and answered by phone to all kinds of donation request.  Finally let the answer machine do the answering.

Tillie Cutouts sent in by  Mrs Jerry Meador



Tillie Cutouts sent in by Shirley Anne Allsop

I like these two, the faces are nice and I like the outfits especially the one by Shirley.

Tried to get this posted last night and all I would get is “Not responding” so I gave up at 11:00 pm and went to bed.  Sorry about that this is a poor used old computer.  Have a great day! Marge

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I am really getting my bedroom straightened out, down to the paper doll piles only now.  Found my book of Tillies so thought it would be nice to post one tonight since it has been a while since we saw a tillie.

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