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to night we have Cary Grant, he was a favorite of mine back in my early go to the movie every Friday night and Saturday afternoon times.  Then to the dime store for a new paper doll book on Saturday after the movie.

I started to color this one, but then decided some of you may want to color what shades you like, so we are co-coloring.  Of course my light gray suit could be colored over in a darker shade.

I think God wishes he never made the promise not to flood us, he has been giving us a very big taste of flooded streets and constant rain, thunder and lightning.

Hope you enjoy Cary:

Cary Grant by Laura Brock posted 7-18-2013


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This is a much younger version of him than I remember.  I loved his movies with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour. He also was a terrific singer.

Bing Crosby -Laura Brocks Doll Family 1934

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hello all!  Well the good news is that I still have my drivers license.  I also feel like a ten ton weight was lifted from my shoulders.

Today we have another Fly’n Jenny paper doll, this one was published on my birthday way back when.  Now I have something more to hunt for, since I now know my birthday in 1942 fell on a Sunday I think it would be nice if I could find a paper doll from each of the comic strips that had paper dolls printed on that date.

Jenny's Style Show 11-22-1942

I met a Louise from Mich at the Dayton paper doll convention, wonder if it is this one only with a married last name?

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This is from the Sunday newspaper – I have no date but it was probably back in the early 1940’s. This lady would have a different one published each week. Notice the ghosts, witches, moon, pumpkins, skeletons and owl along the bottom of the page.

I hope you all have a nice Sunday, I have to run now and get ready to leave for church.




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This is a different character than we have had before.  There are quite a few paper dolls from Brenda Starr where they are sitting . Perhaps this is because they drew some background items besides just the doll and clothes.

This is another black and white that will look great colored.

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This set is based on a Sunday Comic Strip paper doll that was done by a different artist.  The Annual Paper Doll Convention this year is at the Patterson Wright Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.  This is just one of the artist that will be contributing to our enjoyment.

I like Mopsy, have quite a few of the ones from the Sunday comic strips.   I also like Larry’ work, see Paper Dolls for Sale on the front page of this blog for his paper dolls for sale 6 mo club.


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