I thought of posting this Thursday the 13th, then decided to wait until Friday the 14th, well Friday came and went and it did not get posted.
I know the artist is a FAVORITE of some of you as she is mineAlice in Wonderland paper doll book02152014

This is titled wrong, it is NOT Alice in Wonderland, the correct title is HAPPY VALENTINE ‘S DAY 1987

if you have not noticed

KOREY came home, told me what I was doing wrong, and went back to the Tiny Ann Estelle, fixing them all so they show up when you open the blog.101

love the big eyes on this Valentine girl LET ME KNOW IF ALL IS NOT WORKING FOR YOU.


SNCE SOME OF THIS BLOGS FRIENDS WERE NICE ENOUGH TO LET ME KNOW THE PICTURES WERE NOT WORKING WELL, I WILL NOT POST UNTIL KOREY COMES HOME THIS WEEKEND AND TRIES TO FIX WHAT I AM DOING WRONG. IF THAT DOES NOT WORK HE CAN TAKE ME TO A PLACE THAT SELLS COMPUTERS AND PRINTERS AND MAYBE I CAN GET ANSWERS THERE. also I was talking to Diane Milla tonight and she said I could get my windows 8 turned back into a windows 7, I really do not like this windows 8 so this may be an option. Thank you for all you patience with me. So hopefully will be back Sunday.

Well all I can say is I am glad January is over with, I did meet all my January 31st deadlines.

Alice in Wonderland paper doll book02072014

I finally found where the covers for Alice in Wonderland scanned themselves on the computer, so hopefully we will now get them on the blog.

Well the colonoscopy is over and all is well, no polyps means no reoccurrence of cancer, thank the dear Lord.
This is just a tease for you paper doll collectors of some new items Eileen has for sale. HER WEB SITE IS: E.R. Miller Designs



Will try to scan Alice in Wonderland tomorrow to post. Have a nice evening you all.

Well Jan is a busy, busy month at work.= Did get to Bradenton, Florida for a paper doll party Sat 1/18/2014 – Had a wonderful time and found an Alice in wonderland paper doll I will be posting soon. This one I really think is great. Right now I am making arrangements to get to the hospital this Friday for a colonoscopy, they knock you out, at least me, and you need someone to pick you up, they will not let you take a taxi home, some people have had bad experiences I the taxi’s.

HEY! THIS is supposed to be Florida, land of sunshine and warm weather. How come I freeze at night, could be no heat, only a small space heater that I do not trust to leave on when I am sleeping.


Been loafing today, looking at origamibears.com site – lots of paper dolls and an interesting blog site, they purchased an old bus to travel Around in after her husband retires.

The paper doll today is done by Joanna Gast Anderton, a dear and long time friend from the paper doll world. She will be missed


This card is done by one of my favorite artist. It is the 2nd card I received . Now that the hectic holidays are over with, is when I really look and appreciate the art work on my Christmas cards that I have received.


For A Special Friend Greeting CardToday is the last day of 2013. We only worked until 12:00, but I went to the bank for company business so I did not get through until 1:00 p.m.
I also bought work home to do tomorrow where it will be quiet and peaceful with no interruptions, it needs to be done by Thursday a.m.

I love Angels and think this is a cute card so will share with you if I can make the printer work with the computer, still learning on this new equipment, haven’t had time lately. Korey came home for Christmas and we had a wonderful 6 days together.