Well here are a couple more pages of clothes for our two girls from last night.



Will have last two pages tomorrow night.


This is a lovely book with two lovely young or teen age girls. Phyllis looks older than Brenda  to me. This is from Saalfield  and is #1744.  The printed price on the book is .10, so I am assuming it is from the 1940’s – Pause to look up in Mary Youngs Saalfield book to see if I can find a year. It was reprinted in 1957 with a different cover, so guess I will stick with the 1940’s for my book.

There is a front cover, and 3 more pages of clothes which will be posted over the next couple of days.

The artist for this set is Susan Beebe – this is a 10-1/4″ x 14 – 7/8″ page.  Only the headband and shoes on the doll are embossed.  All the rest of the page is embossed.  This was printed in 1993 by Shackman & Co. Inc of New York, N.Y.

The costumes are all wonderful and I love the cat one. This sheet was two big for my scanner so had to do it in two scans, sorry for the small over lap.

Well the sling came off this past Tuesday, after 4 weeks of wearing it, I am having trouble hanging my arm straight down, I keep holding it like it is in a sling.

I am now allowed to button my blouses, wash my face and swing my arm when I walk. Next week my time with the therapy dept at the hospital increases to 3 days a week and I will be moving my arm more by myself doing exercises.

Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes, they have been greatly appreciated.

I have been on a kick lately of re-reading old out of print paper doll newsletters. The latest is Midwest Quarterly Paper dolls and Toys.

I and Marilyn both found these very simple line drawing paper dolls adorable. I enlarged them as they were very small pictures.  I have never seen a children’s activities magazine so was not  aware of an artist  named Leittta.  I have a Goldilocks and the 3 bears but I cannot get it to enlarge with a clean background.

Notice the little fairies on the Rumpelstiltskin page, there are 4 of them, and a bird at the top carrying a wedding ring.  There is also a fairy and a bird on the top of the page for Tom Thumb.  I like how the artist drew a flower next to Tom to illustrate how small he was.



Notice the size of the flowers this little guy is carrying.  This is such a sweet card.

The verse reads

  • with a big bunch
  • of hugs for you

The artist name is Tony Linsell

This is a Renaissance Greeting Cards Inc #H4980

I like the pose on this one, plus she has a pretty face.

This is dated 1-27-1935

– Think I will enlarge her for use in one of my round robins

The doll below looks more like Tillie in the comic strips.

I also like this one.   She has a good pose for drawing outfits for her.