This is a pop up card, when you open it the bat pops up.  It is scanned with the bat in the popped up position.

There is an “We” in front of the word “could” in the above picture, it was too wide to scan the entire picture but that was the only thing left off.

This was from my oldest daughter, Helen and Chris plus her two girls so it had to be 1986 or before.

It is an American Greeting card from the Forget me Not series #150PH0901-1E


This is another of the sets you sent away for and they came with the doll in color but the clothes in black and white for you to color. I think all the clothes are terrific and that this whole set is wonderful.  There are some outfits here, like the purple dress next to the wedding dress, the dress with the artist palettes and tubes of paint, the blue halter dress with flowers on the skirt and the pink formal with the purple flowers that I would have liked when I was younger.

This is a little different than the usual cards I have seen.  Kind of reminds me of the old fashion cards. It is clever and cute.

The inside of the card is all orange and the verse reads:

  • That would be
  • a terrible boo-boo

This came from my daughter and her family back in 1996 to me.  Korey got his own card that year.

This is an American Greeting card number FH0056-01T and is from the Forget Me Not series.


This is another one that was in the souvenir book from the Modern Doll Convention back in 1992.  It was done by Judy Johnson and I really wanted to color it before I posted it, but at the rate I am getting things done you all would be in  rocking chairs.

This has wonderful clothes, some little girl would be very lucky to have this doll and her outfits.  I can just imagine the hours that would be spent playing with her. Parties, Afternoon Teas, Shopping, Working or College and then just staying at home with a dog or cat from another set because she had to have a pet.  How this brings back so many happy memories of my paper doll playing time, especially when my mom played with me.  She worked full-time so we did not get to spend too much time together.


This is such a cute card I think I will take it to work for my desk this week.

I just love the faces on both the cat and the pumpkin.  The pumpkins eyes remind me of candy corn.  The inside of the card is orange also.

The verse reads:

  • Hope your Halloween
  • Turns out as it should,
  • Happy and fun-filled
  • and frightfully good!

This was sent to me by my oldest daughter and her family back in 1984.  She only had the 2 girls at this time.

It is an Ambassador Card number 60H 301E 10-01


This is from an artist who has a very creative mind.

I have a set of paper dolls done by Kwei-lin of Mr and Mrs. Sperm, and another set of a fantastic sci-fi setting. I know she has a web site, so when I can find the address, I will put her on my link list.

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but the church had a rummage sale and I was recruited to cashier, then Korey and I had errands to run all afternoon and by the time we got home he needed the computer to study for a test he is taking today at college.  It is an on line class, but when it comes to taking tests they have to go to a class room  to do so as this is a closed book test. Any way have a nice Sunday.

This is a paper doll of a porcelain doll as Mary Ann Oldenburg is also a wonderful doll artist.

This little girl has very lovely outfits, a doll, a puppet and a doll carriage with another doll in it.  I just bet the trunk has doll clothes in it.  This is another one that some day I hope to get colored.