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Etta Kett Dolls Beach Outfits

I decided since there was a wedding paper doll, she went to the beach on her honeymoon.

Sitting here trying to clean up my e-mail – hopeless case I get so much junk mail.

I still need to do my income tax filing – 4-15- is getting close.

Etta Kett Wedding

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hello all!  Well the good news is that I still have my drivers license.  I also feel like a ten ton weight was lifted from my shoulders.

Today we have another Fly’n Jenny paper doll, this one was published on my birthday way back when.  Now I have something more to hunt for, since I now know my birthday in 1942 fell on a Sunday I think it would be nice if I could find a paper doll from each of the comic strips that had paper dolls printed on that date.

Jenny's Style Show 11-22-1942

I met a Louise from Mich at the Dayton paper doll convention, wonder if it is this one only with a married last name?

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This is a different character than we have had before.  There are quite a few paper dolls from Brenda Starr where they are sitting . Perhaps this is because they drew some background items besides just the doll and clothes.

This is another black and white that will look great colored.

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I like the pose on this one, plus she has a pretty face.

This is dated 1-27-1935

– Think I will enlarge her for use in one of my round robins

The doll below looks more like Tillie in the comic strips.

I also like this one.   She has a good pose for drawing outfits for her.

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This is one that reminds me of Cleveland, Ohio at the corner of E 9th and Euclid Avenue on a windy day.  I was not a light weight back then, but there were times when I swore the wind was going to knock me off my feet flat on my butt as it came roaring up 9th between the tall buildings.

Even the little dog has a sweater.

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Hello!  Here are a couple of paper dolls from the comic strips, I bought a large lot on ebay and most of them do not have a date.  I do believe most of them are from the later 1930’s and early 1940’s though.

I thought this one was timely with Valentine just around the corner and the one outfit (lounging pajama’s – looks like it has pant legs) has lots of red hearts.

Now this one I really like, of course the purple dress with fur is a favorite and  I like the buttons up the sleeve on the green dress plus the purse and gloves leads to her very sophisticated look.  I like her hair, her pose and I guess this would be considered one of my Tillie Favorites.

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This paper doll is new to me, it is done by the same artist that did the Etta Kett paper dolls in the newspapers, Paul Robinson.  Maybe this was one of Etta Kett’s girlfriends in the comic strip.

Etta Kett’s comic strip started in December 1925 and the last one was November 1974 when the artist died.

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These are two very small paper dolls.  I got them cut so there is no date on them.  The one came wrapped up in a piece of Sunday comic strip newspaper that has the date 4-21-1935.

The one on the top is definitely a Tillie and I like her hair style also the blue dotted dress.

The more I look at the one on the bottom it looks more like a Mopsy but I am probably wrong as it came in a lot titled “Tillie’s I won on e-bay.

They are both old and cute.

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This is one of my favorite comic strip characters.  I love the way the artist drew as if she was always standing in the wind.

This set has a lot of clothes which made it nice for those cutting out and playing with the paper doll.

I have no date on this one but it is probably early 1940’s.

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The red dress with white polka dots, the jacket above and the little red hat are from the newspaper.  The other three outfits were hand drawn.

Right now I am in the middle of of drawing clothes for a round robin I belong to.  This reminds me that over the years lots of us like to draw clothes for our paper dolls.

At one of the paper doll conventions , one of the ladies gave a talk on her collection of hand drawn paper dolls, WOW! SHE HAD SOME WONDERFUL ONES.  Sadly to say someone walked away with one of her binders.

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