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This is a set that was on the free bee table in South Carolina.  It had not even been open so is brand new.  It has 3 pages of printed colored outfits and 3 pages of black and white outfits to be colored.  All the clothes are for the girl.  I am only going to post half today and the rest tomorrow.

These are large dolls and I could only get them scanned at an angle.  As you can see on the base these are by Peck-Grande.  Their was also a printed sheet with the story of Beauty and the Beast on it included in the package.  I was sorry to see this company stop printing.

Like the lace work on the blue dress and the purple dress is very interesting with the pleats and then a bottom band.

I like the way they tell you from which era the outfit is from and name some of the outfits’ parts.  For those of you who love to color this will be lovely when done in color.

These are both very lovely outfits, the black and gold is very striking and the other is rather delicate, hum see they stole the apple idea from Snow White

The dress on the left has lots of trim, bow just below the waist in back, pleats, lace and a flower trim at the hem line. Plus ruff at the neck.  This makes the Slavik outfit very plain.

Well tomorrow you will see a fabulous beast and the rest of the outfits.


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