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FPD cloths 4


Here are the last 3 pages of this paper doll book.

FPD cloths 5

FPD cloths 6I did not mark the size I was posting in last night, please let me know if these three sheets are a different size so I can fix them.  Thank you.  This is a fun set

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Festival PD back cover

FPD cloths 2

FPD cloths 3

who wants to be the ear of corn?

Saturday I started posting this paper doll set, now here are more pages of it. This is the size paper doll that was my favorite size when I was active playing with them.  There are 3 more pages of clothes which I will post tomorrow.  Have a nice Labor Day – it was nice to sleep in this morning.

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These are the last of the color printed pages

There are 3 black and white pages that I will try to post all tomorrow night.

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Wow! I definitely need to find a bigger scanner that does not cost an arm and a leg.  This doing it piece meal is for the birds.   I took me over an hour to get 2 pages ready to post.  I hope they make a table size model as I have no more floor space.  I still wonder why I did not collect thimbles instead, so much smaller.  Anyway here are some more lovely gowns.  The more I post the more I think I will cut them out and put them in a binder after I have tried every one on the doll. Then there are 4 pages of black and white to be colored and cut also.

4 outfits on above two pages, a gown. blue pant suit, blue short set and a tuxedo with a top hat.

4 outfits on last two pages, a lovely white gown, a blue short dress and a pink one piece outfit with ruffle neckline and a ruffle headpiece.

Will have the last two colored pages posted tomorrow.  Have a Blessed day and hope you all are in good health.  Marge

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Not sure where this came from I saved a lot of items before I realized it was important to know where I got them from so I could give credit where credit was due.

All I know is this is a very pretty girl with a horse drawn carriage in the picture and lots of costumes to dress her up in.

 Besides her princess robes, she has a lovely formal also.

I am going to be gone a couple of days, I cannot shake this sore throat so am planning on spending the weekend as soon as I come home from work tomorrow doctoring myself up.  I hate being sick and get so crabby when I am.  Not a good way to feel when you work with other people.  Marge

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This is an earlier book, reprinted by B. Shackman & Company in 2000.  I have the original set cut.  The book was designed by Hilda Miloche and Wilma Kane.

There are 3 more pages of clothes which I will post tomorrow night.

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Last night I posted the first three pages of this set.  Tonight we will finish with the last three pages of this set.

The bottom of the page above tells you who put this out.  The artist does a terrific job and I just love all the little sayings and accessories.  Hope you all enjoy this set.

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On August 2nd I posted “Baby Comfort” – I was going to save this one for September but since Korey is getting ready for a new semester starting Monday and tying up the scanner and computer, I will post it now as it has already been scanned.

There are 3 more pages that I will post tomorrow night.  NOTE: Even her doll has clothes.  I also like the housecat and her brood of kittens.  This artist is very creative.

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Good morning, hope you are all bright and ready for a good day.

I will post the rest of the book that was started yesterday.

Hope you all enjoyed this as much as I have.  I did not find it until a lot of years after it had been published.  It is so cute and I am happy to have added it to my collection.

This was published by B. Shackman & Co., Inc. in 1992 and is #9676

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For you that are also doll lovers, here is a lovely paper doll of the UFDC logo done by Peggy Jo Rosamond.

This was from the 1989 St. Louis United Federal of Doll Collectors  (UFDC) Convention.  Peggy Jo was a terrific artist and this doll is so beautiful.

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