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This is another card from Marilyn, she has a basement just filled with lovely cards, stationary, and all kinds of paper items.  This arrived on the day I scheduled my surgery and it was so wonderful for cheering me up  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Marilyn, you always know what will please me and make me happy.

The artist are Jean and Ron Henry –

It is published by Flame Tree Publishing in the United Kingdom. Card #FB 12

On the back  of the card is this extract from A Midsummer-nights Dream by William Shakespeare:

  • Fetch me that flower;
  • The herb I show’d thee once:
  • The juice of it on sleeping eyelids laid,
  • Will make a man or woman madly dote
  • Upon the next live creature that it sees.

The Angel wings and the moon are done in glitter.  Notice the butterfly and the bees.  The stars are raised but I cannot tell if it is done with glitter by feel.  Those tiny fairy faces are all done so they have a different look to each one.

This is a lovely painting, and of course that is what greeting and note cards are, miniature are work.


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