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Korey had a birthday on the 15th of this month, Nov.  I thought I would share some of the cards he received.

Verse reads:

  • Just wanted to wish you
  • a happy birthday

This is an Expressions card from Hallmark #JAB 972 G

This next one is a mystery:  We have no idea who sent it, it has been handmade but even the postmark was unreadable:

Inside is Korey’s name printed in block letters from top to bottom of the page with Happy Birthday across the top.

The last one if from me, I cannot believe he is 26 now.  Time has flown by just too fast.  I thought this was a very masculine card and the words couldn’t be truer to say to Korey.  This is an Expressions from Hallmark card number JMB 352F

Goodnight and have a nice evening.

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Well tonight I will post the greeting card I got for my great granddaughter “Alexus”  I like it because it has a butterfly and also the color purple.  Also all the words are so true.  You are special you know.

The verse reads:

  • You are,
  • You know
  • Happiness Today and Always
This is a Hallmark card number HAB 403-8
The blue butterfly is embossed and feels just like satin.

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This is a cute one

When I first glanced at this I thought it was winnie the pooh bear, but it is not. This has been done by a different artist

The verse reads: . .  to do nothing but take it easy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

This is from Walter Drake number 329708F and was sent to Korey for his birthday which was 11-15.

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This is one I got for my birthday this month from another paperdoll collector Barbara Clements.

The front and back of the card are identical and the publishers information normally found on the back of the card is on the inside of the front cover.

The verse is very simple: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

It is an original design by Kym Bowles

Published by CASPARI INC. number 275-78481 and was printed in Switzerland.  A new name to add to my list of greeting card publishers.

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This is a current card, but it is so pretty and in my favorite colors I decided to post it.

The verse reads:

  • May your day be filled
  • with every lovely thing
  • you heart is hoping
  • this special day will bring.

This is a Walter Drake card number 329708A

This was received November 2010.

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This is one Korey just received, his 25th birthday is the 15th. of November. I thought it was so cute, but you all should know by now I am a cat/kitten lover.

The verse reads:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY

It is a “Tender Thoughts” card from Tender Thoughts Greetings out of Ontario, Canada. Number 4237635 TECV 82357-02W

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This is a very different card, both in the colors used and then there is a head behind the flowers on the upper left of the card.  I missed it the first time I looked at the card.

The verse reads:

“There’s just no way to measure how very much you mean to us… Happy Birthday Mother, With Love

This was sent to me by Helen and Paul back in 1977  –

It is from Charm Craft number B 6411 60B800-2

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Here’s another little elf card.  I did not put a date on the back but it has to be old as only 2 great grand children’s names are on it.  Got a few more by now.

There is a tiny snail at the bottom left hand of the picture if you look close.

The verse reads

  • Couldn’t forget your birthday
  • Cause it simply wouldn’t do
  • To miss a chance
  • to wish nice things
  • For someone nice as you!
  • Happy Birthday
  • Happiness Always

It is an American Greeting card number 115B2012-9-J

Sent to me by my oldest daughter, Helen and her family

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This is a very simple, yet lovely card.  The tulip and leaves are embossed.

The words on the front are printed in gold as is the border around the flower.

The inside verse reads: …that a birthday filled up with happiness brings.  Happy Birthday

This was sent to Korey and Marge in 2004, Korey’s birthday is 11/15 and mine is 11/22  so Peggy sends us a combined card.

This is an Academy Greetings card number 240 BQG 422F

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I like this one, my landlady has a commercial nursery in our back yard. Think I will save this for her birthday in November .

The verse reads:

  • “With very warmest wishes for
  • a Happy Birthday and
  • many happy years to come.”

Again there is a small colored picture, same as the front of the card on the back of the card.  Also a black and white picture at the right hand side of the verse on the bottom.

This has illustration by: Mary Ehopicrole and is number 2007 PVA125GK08010

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