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This is another card from the batch given to me.  On the back it just says “Pat Doyle”.

The verse reads:    May this special day bring you a whole kitten caboodle of fun!

Again on the page with the verse and on the back cover is a small black and white picture of the colored one on the front.  It is card number Po61517.


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These look like full grown Cats to me.

Again on the back of the card is a smaller picture same as on the front. Under this little picture is states: Illustration by Jenny Newland.  Below that “Represented exclusively by Applejack Art Partners.  card number PAV125GK08007

The verse reads: “Wishing a very special person a very happy birthday”

To the left of the verse on the same page is a black and white picture of the cat in the watering can.

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This is another card from the package Marilyn gave me for the blog.

This is such a realistic bird, it almost feels like you could reach out and touch him.

The verse reads: “You won’t have to pick from the wishes here because there’s one for today and one for the year!” Happy Birthday

Again there is a small colored picture on the back of the card and under it reads “Illustration by Dorothia Rohner”

On the inside of the card at the bottom left side under the verse there is the same picture in black and white. These are just the best laid out cards I think I have ever seen.  So much thought went into the designing.

This is number 2007PVA125GK08003  I would so like to know who published these lovely cards.

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This is what I call a peaceful card.  Also one you could send to the male population.

The verse reads: And may that luck and happiness remain with you throughout the year.

The artist is Betty Gloss

Published by PVA #125GK08004  A smaller colored picture on the front is on the back also.  There is the same picture in black and white above the verse on the inside.

These are very nicely done Greeting cards and you will be seeing more of them this week.   I think they made have been sold as a package deal.  A friend gave them to me for the blog.

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This is another give away when you enter the Hallmark Card Visitors Center in Kansas City.

When you open it up there is a recording that plays – about a man who dresses up as a bat.

It is an “Innovations” card from Hallmark number 499ing 532-5

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Now this is one adorable card that has to bring a smile to your face.

I love the expression on this kittens face.

The verse reads: Having another BIRTHDAY

Hope it’s GRAND!

This was sent by my oldest daughter back in 1970

It is a “Made in the USA” card number 12462   25A757-5

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This reminds me of the “Hippie” era.  I love the eyes on the two people.

The inside has the following words:  You’re Nicer by a Year

There is no publisher listed on the back, it just says Made in USA #15732 and #25-129-1

It was sent to me back in 1974 signed by “Helen, your first daughter”

She lives in Ohio, 1500 miles away, I miss her very, very much but we do not seem to keep in touch the way I would like to.

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Here is another one of the angel babies I love.  This time with a Dove.

This card was sent to me from the  W.R.D.C. (doll club) members that were left back in November 1997.  They each drew a little picture and wrote something on it for me.  I remember crying when I read it, I was so homesick and missed by friends so much.

The verse reads:

  • Wishing you
  • A birthday
  • That’s like a touch
  • of Heaven
  • For all the happiness
  • It brings
  • Have a Happy Day

This is a Gibson Greetings Inc. card number 175 BG100-0559

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“Some Ballerina Finger Puppets to Play With”

Instructions: Carefully press out ballerina puppets along perforated lines. Punch out holes, insert fingers and make ballerina dance.

This is a “Forget Me Not” card from American Greetings number 125B 2237-126.  I did not write a year received on it.

There is glitter sprinkled all over the outfits on all 3 pages and along the ribbons on the bottom of the front.

For those of you who are artists, the doll on the front would make a nice paper doll, how about some costumes for her.?

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This is a cute card that a young man (Korey’s best friend) sent to my grandson Korey in 2006.

With all the cold weather and snow, I thought something funny would be nice.  The words under his feet read “Happy Birthday Anyway (and Better Luck Next Time).  There was no money inside.

This is a Hallmark “Looney Tunes” card number HAB 677-6

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