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This is the last card I have that goes with Santa and Mrs. Claus done by Linda Peck.  The cover is in color but the inside is in black and white for you to color as you wish.

This is from Peck-Gandre Paper Treasures card number 100PG10


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We had Santa a while back, now we need the companion card “Mrs Claus”.

This was designed by Linda Peck of Peck-Gandre’s.  It has a color front but the inside is black and white for you to color.

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This is a colorful card on the front, then the inside is done in black and white for you to color.

This card came from my friend Barbara in 1995.

It was designed by Linda Peck of the Peck-Gandre’s company  “Paper Treasures” and is number 100PG07.

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For A Very Special Girl here are 2 dolls to dress and play with.

The verse reads: These Holiday Dollies are coming to stay! They’ve brought lots of clothes, and they’re ready to play! Please help them DRESS UP for wherever they go — For SKATING or PARTIES,  or out in the SNOW.  They’ll love making stories and playing “pretend” with someone AS SPECIAL AS YOU for their friend! Have a Very Merry Christmas!

This is a Hallmark card number X 291-9 10-15 and again I forgot to put a date for when I received the card.

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