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I know Christmas has long gone away, but I was putting away some things today and came across this card.  I must of pulled it out to post in December but then it got hidden under other mail on my table by my chair.  Anyway, since this came from a lovely lady who is the company’s attorney, I really had to laugh.  So as the saying better late than never goes,  here is a clever card:

In this day and age of everyone wanting to sue someone, I thought this was so funny.

The verse reads:

  • Wishing you a happy holiday season
  • and a wonderful new year.

This was printed by Executive Greetings Inc and is #S182-526


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This is a wonderful dog, I had one like it when a young girl, you talk about them being protective, she would not even let my playmates close to me.  Had to keep the dog in the house if I wanted to play with some of the kids in the neighborhood.

Now this is one dog that has been enjoying the snow.  You can tell from looking at it, it has been rolling in the snow and burrowing his nose into the snow drifts. I would like to think it is looking at it’ s owner and asking come run with me in the snow.

This sure makes me want a house pet again.  But no one is home all day except at vacation time and we live in a small 2 room mother-in-law suite so it is not fair to leave an animal alone all day in such close quarters.  Hopefully some day I can retire.

The verse reads:

  • May the spirit of the season
  • be with you at Christmas time
  • and throughout the year

It is from the “Guiding Eyes for the Blind”  a wonderful origanization and is card #Y4112401 and received it this year from my paper doll friend Betty Jo.

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This seems to be a popular layout for the greeting card companies to use.  Trio’s!

Note the cute way the blonde angel is standing with her one foot resting on her toes only.  I also like the way the two angels have their eyes closed but the guitar one has her eyes opened in a surprised look.

This is a sweet card also, note the little red bird sitting on top of the harp.  And all three of their expressions are so adorable.

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I love fantasy, magic and mystical things.  This first card is titled “River Fairy” and the artist is Robin Kleinrock.  Now I think most of us have seen the little Nome before in pictures or catalogs but have you ever seen a river turn itself into a Fairy?  What a wonderful creative mind this person has.

Note the Nome in the green tunic with his hat off bowing before the River Fairy,

The verse reads:

  • Wishing you a most
  • magical holiday

This was published by Renaissance Greeting Cards #C51-75 and I received it back in 1990 from Arlene D’Elf


The next card I received today from Marilyn in Ohio, she shares my love of these things.  This one is titled “Forest Fairies” and the artist is Reuben McHugh.

The verse reads:

  • Season’s Greetings

but Marilyn wrote a lovely message:

  • May the Magic of
  • Christmas find you
  • and lead you into a
  • Happy New Year!

This was published by Paper D”Art in 2009 and is number XA06

There is gold and green glitter on a lot of the items which gives the card a 3 dimensional feel.

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I did not realize how many cards I had that fit this category until I started looking for some.  Will probably do this category again another day as they are so sweet.  On this batch, I love the one in the red robe that is so into her singing that she is dancing in place also.  The Teddy bear on the far left could be color copied and cut for one of the tree ornaments, as could the little angel in the white robe on the left.  Or you could cut out all three leaving a big enough piece at the bottom to fold back so it could stand on a branch of the tree.

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Looking back in 2009 when I started this blog, I was getting very sad that the Greeting Card Companies no longer did Christmas Paper Doll cards.  When in the mail on Friday this adorable little sheep showed up in my mail box.  He sure did cheer me up as it was a paper doll also.

This is just so cute.  The only wording is “Fleece Navidad!” which is so appropiate.

The artist is Linda Hoerner and she does all kinds of animal and little children cards.  For a list you can write to her at P.O. Box 336, Tioga, Pa 16946

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Well I’,m back, Korey and I went to do some Christmas shopping this afternoon after we went out to eat lunch.

This came from my friend Marilyn who likes Fairies, Dragons, etc as much as I do.  The verse reads:

Warmest wishes for the Holidays.

The artist is Allen Atkinson and it was published by Sunrise Publications in 1981 and is #C954  I received it back in 1981.

The verse reads:

  • Wishing you all the
  • little joys of the season

I received this back in 2004 from Virginia Crossley and it is from the American Humane Socity. #3079  The artist was Manual Danner

I love this card, it is a shaped card with the back having the dress wrapped all the way around.  There is a red ribbon tied in a bow on the mouse’s tail and a very pretty white collar – oh forget it, I am scanning the back right now as this is such a sweet card and will stand up for a wonderful table ornament.

Have a nice evening – where we went to eat lunch there was a sign reminding  us that there were only 14 days to Santa.  I always say next year I am going to have everything done by Dec 1st, but it never seems to happen, although it does not seem like it at the moment, I will get everything done in time though, have for many, many years.

The verse reads:

  • Joy to the world. . .
  • and especially to you !

This is an Ambassador card number  pX520E  notice the little heart under the Ambassador name on the back of the card.

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