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The blue cARD here is the front of the poem card in the post above.

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This was purchased this year to mail to a friend.  I just found it buried under some other things last night.  I will see my friend, in Ohio, tomorrow so will take it and give it to her.

This is a different style of card.  There is a purple checked flap at the bottom that lets the card sit up easel style.  The inside is all purple with purple stars like there are on the front. There is gold glitter on the flowers except for the one purple one laying on the right side of the card and the vase,  also the stars are drawn with gold glitter, and the little green item (not sure what it is called) has glitter on it.

The verse reads: “It warms my heart to have a friend like you. HAPPY EASTER, HAPPY SPRING.”

It is from Natures Sketchbook by Marjolein Bastin and was published by Hallmark, card number E 259-7 03-15.  I posted another card by this artist not too long ago, April 18th, 2010 to be exact.

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This is not the card I had scanned for today, but I was picking up the living room, putting things away and I found this card.  Guess I really did not look close at it when I received it.  All of a sudden while looking at it, it dawned on me the basket was a house.  This is not an old card, I received it this year from my daughter Helen and her family, but I am amazed at the imagination that some people have.  Easter Eggs make the roof.  I just had to share this card.

It is so wonderfully bright and colorful and I love all the decorated eggs, long time ago I used to be big on decorating eggs for Easter

The verse reads:

  • Wishing you
  • an Easter
  • filled with many
  • delicious moments!

This is a “Tender Thoughts” card from Tender Thoughts Greetings of Mississauga, Ontario Canada number 2.30 TEE02170-07X. Made in the USA.

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I know Easter is over with, but so many people liked the bunny and animal cards that I just had to post this sweetie.

The verse reads:

  • You’re awfully nice
  • And Lots of fun,
  • And anyone can see
  • That you should have
  • An Easter Day
  • As Happy as can be!

This is a Moorehead Inc card number 150 E2 23048 and was sent to Korey by Marilyn back in 1997.

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This is a “Precious Moments” card done by Sam Butcher.  If I had not been collecting paper dolls and dolls, I could have easily gotten hooked on buying his adorable little figurines.

This is a very spring like card with the lovely colors.

The verse reads:

  • I’m so very glad
  • God knew
  • I’d love to have
  • A friend like you!

This was sent to me by Loretta back in 2004

It is a Hallmark card number E 190-5 02-27

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This is such a realistic rabbit  and the background is lovely.

The verse reads:

  • May your Easter be filled with
  • warm and happy moments
  • and your springtime be filled with
  • bright and sunny days.

This was from Barbara Clement back in 2005 and is an Academy Greetings number 240DEA303E

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This is a sweet and pretty card, I love the lavender background, the flowers are so spring like (wish we would get some spring down in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), and the little duck is so sweet.

The verse reads:

  • You’re Easter sunny,
  • Easter – warm,
  • And things you say and do
  • Are like a little bit of spring
  • To keep the whole
  • Year through!
  • Happy Easter

This was sent to me from Marilyn back in 1997.

It is  a “Celebrations by Gibson” card number 135E21237  from the Gibson Greetings Inc.

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This is a simple small card, but very cute.

Verse reads: How nice you are

to think about! Have a Happy Easter

This was sent by my friend Bessie Kuehny back in 1985.

It is a “Betsey Clark” card from Hallmark #150CE 70-2 02-45

I like the idea of Bessie sending a Betsey card.

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This is such an adorable card, I love this artist. It is Titled “Angel Blossom” and the artist is Ruth Morehead.

The bunny’s ribbon bow, the angel’s wings and the words Happy Easter are done in glitter. The bunny looks so soft and cuddly.

The verse reads: “May the miracle of Easter bring you perfect peace.”

It is a Gibson Greetings Inc. card number 195 E01352 and I received it from Marilyn back in 1999.

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Well Easter is very early this year.  Only a couple of weeks away. This is a cute card with Ducks.

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