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With my love of mice items, except the real thing, I oohed  and awed when I opened the envelope.

The verse reads:

  • A cheery reminder
  • That all through the day
  • Warm thoughts
  • and good wishes
  •  Are going your way.

This is from /Brick Mill Studios Inc. #90G536 and sent by Marilyn who has a wonderful collection of paper items.

THANK YOU  AGAIN FOR CHEERING ME UP.    I was a bad girl and worked 5 hrs yesterday and was sooooo tired when I came home.  Today I had korey come and get me at the end of 3 hours so I would not wear my self out. I think since it is so soon after surgery 2.5 or 3 hrs every day this week and probably next week are enough.

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This is another “awe she is so cute” card  and I love the inside idea – a terrific card – thank you Marilyn.  Sure wish they still made them like this.

There is no information on the back of the card.  I think it probably came in a pretty decorated box with more of the same type of cards.  GUESSING IT IS FROM THE 1940’S.

How lucky we are for E-Bay where we can  still get the lovely older items from our past.  Especially for people like me who had original things like this but used then up, not knowing as I got older I would start collecting lovely paper items besides my paper dolls.  Just the box would be wonderful to still have.

Oh well what is that saying about too late we get smart?

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This is such a cute card, I love the little kitten all snuggled up on the bed next to the little girl.

Verse reads”

  • You’ll be better for it!
  • GET
  • WELL
  • SOON
This is a Sunshine card #1-25×410-13 and I received it back in 1979 from Mariam Bay.  She was a member of the Cleveland Doll Club at the same time I was.

Also posting a very pretty card tonight.  This was received today from Faye.  The artist is Liz Schreiner, I am so thrilled when they let us know who the artist is.  Like I said before, to me, greeting cards are miniature works of art.  

There is no verse as this is a note card where the sender writes their own thoughts.

This is a PVA card #125TK990004

Looks like there might be a few violets tucked in with the bigger flowers.  The blues, violets and green colors are so lovely together.

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Back in 1979, while still living in North Royalton, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio) I had some surgery that required me to stay in the hospital for a week.  At the time I belonged to the Cleveland Doll Club and they had the members sign and sent me this wonderful card.  I believe in fairies, elves and other such things.  You have to admit this is a cute elf.

The verse reads:

  • Chose this cheer-up card
  • for you
  • in hopes the wish it brings
  • comes true.
  • And to let you know
  • beyond a doubt
  • That you are often
  • thought about.

The inside of the front cover has a steam of leaves with one pink bell flower and a little yellow butterfly.  The inside of the card paper is white but there is a pink blush around the flower and butterfly. Everything on the cover except the wording is embossed.  This is a lovely card with lots of thought put into the designing of it.

It is a Hallmark card #25 C 22-6

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This is a Happy card,  The wording is in gold print, the flower vine is shades of purple and the 3 birds made me smile.

Original art is by Valerie Pfeiffer

The verse reads: ” Thinking of you and hoping you feel better with each new day”

It is card number P060474 but it does not say who published it.  It has not been used yet.

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The verse reads:

  • Thinking of you
  • and asking God
  • to hold you close
  • in the warmth
  • of his healing love

This is from “Natures Sketch Book” by Marjolein Bastin

Published by Hallmark #C876-3

It is a current on the market card, Korey purchased it last night to give to a friends wife who is having surgery.

I really like the bright and cheerful colors on the front and the inside of the card is a nice cheerful yellow.

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This is a cute card if you like frogs.

When I scanned him he was straight, he has done some hopping around in the meantime.  If any of you are feeling poorly, as my Grandmother used to say, I hope as the day progresses you feel much, much better.

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This is a Charlie Brown card.

Boy! I sure have been recalled a few times, but I am still going.

This is a Hallmark card number C 202-0

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This is a little different, it does no show up very clear on the card but there is a gold border, gold highlights on the daisies and gold strings of dots hanging by each of the purple flowers.

The verse reads:

  • Sending you this greeting
  • To let you know
  • That our warmest thoughts
  • are with you today.
  • Best Wishes for a Quick Recovery

This is a Magic Moments card number 270A2005  475-7Ca7

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This came with a small Bride sticker paper doll tucked inside, so I posted both the card and the paper doll.

The card is one of my favorites, but then so are violets and a bible.  This is so pretty and what I call delicate art work.

The verse reads:

  • Sending warmest thoughts to you
  • and hoping in a special way
  • That God
  • who knows our every need
  • will bless
  • and strengthen you each day.

It is a Hallmark card number 40C292-6 and was sent to me by Rose Ardale back in 1985 when I had a very serious auto accident.  Rose was a dear friend.

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