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Lasso Lem childrens playmate  Sept 1957

This is for the western lovers out there.  It is from Childrens Playmate magazine September 1957.

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This is Katy Keene’s  little sister.  She is making believe she is grown up.

Sis dreaming of being older

The fashions have been sent in by readers of the comic book and are from the Katy Keene Pin Up Parade #14 Spring of 1961 issue.

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Well after having my rolling chair at work roll away from me as I was sitting down, and landing very, very hard on the floor, I have been working sitting on cushions and coming home and laying on my bed on my side.  I went to the doctor and he says I can expect to me sore for a few weeks.  I am taking pain pills, but not a many as I should be, I hate taking pills.

Now when I started collecting paper dolls, I cut them all out, I love the cut ones as I like to dress and re-dress them.  I am also a kindred soul for the partial sets and dolls only that have lost their clothes over the years.  Of course after all these years I do have the mint uncut books in my collections to look at but they are still not as fun as dressing the cut ones.  One of the partial sets, where the doll has had an accident is the Tuck Set I am showing today.  The doll is so pretty that when I saw her I just had to have her.  I took the set home, mounted on a sheet by placing the dresses with the roses on top of her.  This way no one was the wiser that she had had a serious accident over the years.  The red dress I fully intended to fix her shoes, but once mounted and being so busy forgot all about it until today.  So before I remount the set I will fix her shoes.

Tuck Blonde Girl missing legTuck blonde green dress with rosesTuck blonde red dress with umbrellaTuck blonde hatsTuck Blonde school dress

This set was pat’d February 20th, 1894. Wow this set is just a wee bit old.  The art work is so lovely and so is the dolls face as  I said above.  After working with the set to get it on the blog, I now think I will try to give her new legs also.  When I am pain free I will see what I can do.  If I am successful will post the after care on the blog in the future.

As you can see the neck of the outfits was made to slip under her chin, although there are traces of tabs having been on the green dress with the roses on the shoulders.  Need to go to the library and see if the have the book on Tuck Dolls so I can find out who she is.

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Hello and Welcome to my Blog.  I hope you will find some items of interest and will visit often.  Today I will start with a couple of paper dolls that were found in the Sunday comic section of the newspaper.  2 1930's Tillie the Toiler paperdolls scan 2The one on the left is from 1-22-1933 and the one on the right has no date but was copyrighted in 1934.  During that period it seems furs were the poplar item to have.  I have a lot of Tillie paperdolls and I see fur jackets, fur trimmed  coats and capes, and full length fur coats.  Paperdolls really are a terrific way to watch the change in fashions over the years.

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Today I have chosen a paperdoll from the “Children’s PLAY MATE Magazine  from April 1937.  The artist is Fern Bisel Peat and the little girl is adorable. Her outfits are the native clothes of France back then and her name is Millette.Little French Girl - Playmate - Peat

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Cinderella comes to visit

Back again with a Paper Doll to share.  One time when I was visiting Jenny Elmore in Maryland she introduced me to a Dorothy Lange.  Now this lady is a terrific artist.  I love fairy tales and she had a done a paper doll of Cinderella.Cinderella - D Lange

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