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d-for-duckWith Love Mother at Easter with bookmarkeaster6b_small

The blue cARD here is the front of the poem card in the post above.

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For A Special Friend Greeting CardToday is the last day of 2013. We only worked until 12:00, but I went to the bank for company business so I did not get through until 1:00 p.m.
I also bought work home to do tomorrow where it will be quiet and peaceful with no interruptions, it needs to be done by Thursday a.m.

I love Angels and think this is a cute card so will share with you if I can make the printer work with the computer, still learning on this new equipment, haven’t had time lately. Korey came home for Christmas and we had a wonderful 6 days together.

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The Backless Dress11302013_0001HOPE YOU ALL HAD A GREAT THANKSGIVING.

‘Korey came down from Palm Beach and we went out and had a full Thanksgiving diner at Flaningan’s. Then he had been working on a paper for school that he went home to do more work, had a deadline to post on the internet.

My friend Linda sent me a wonderful birthday card, titled “The Backless Dress”. Artist is Georges Barbier. Published by (FlameTreeArts.com) located in London, England . It is a note card where you write your own message. The outline of the flowers, leaves, and strap around her neck and down back are all down in silver glitter. Thank you Linda, this is definitely a keeper.

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pansie greeting card11162013Marilyn sent me this card to cheer me up as she knows I love the pansies with the adorable little face centers.

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A card from Marilyn and the day it came I really needed a Hug.


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My friend Marilyn, while holding one of Pat’s dresses in her hands, make this comment.  Being posted on the blog does not do the lovely art work of Pat’s justice.  You really need to hold it in your hands to appreciate all the detail she does.  I agree!

Here are the rest of the dresses for this set:

Marie A pink-peach and a pink-blue-blk dress by Pat O'Rourke


Marie A white and purple-blue dress by Pat O'Rourke

There are 4 head pieces also, there is a slit in the dolls head that you stick the tab shown on the bottom of each piece.  Gives her a change of hair style to go with different dresses.  Hope you enjoy seeing this set as much as I enjoy having it.  Thank you again Pat.

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Korey worked at the same place I did for 2 years in the accounting department.  This is the card the owner gave to Korey and had all the employees sign it.

Graduation5-4-13 from FMCThe verse reads:

  • God is surely smiling
  • on you today
  • as you celebrate this achievement!
  • Wishing you a future
  • filled with blessing,
  • fulfillment,
  • and all the happiness
  • you deserve.

Signed the Federal Millwork Family

On the inside of the front cover it says: I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

All who work there have been there for a while and we do care about each other like we were a family.


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Sorry, I know this is late, but I find myself more shook up about the accident than I realized.  I found out on 3/14/2013 that I had forgotten all about paying my March 1st monthly bills.  Thank goodness the insurance company called me instead of just cancelling my insurance.

Marilyn sent me the notecard, it is not part of the Dolls of All Nations greeting cards, it is bank on the inside for one to write their own thoughts.  She is an adorable little lass.

Irish Lass Note card from Marilyn 2013

Irish Lass Note card from Marilyn #2
There is nothing printed that tells who the publisher is.

Marilyn’s daughter, Heather sent me the next St Patricks day card. I have been her “Auntie Marge” since she was a wee one and she always addresses item to me as “Auntie Marge”.  This of course brings me much joy!

St Patrick card from Heather

The verse reads:

  • May your joys
  • in life be many,
  • And your troubles
  • all be few.

This is a Hallmark card#CSP 0204-2-A

Thank you again both of you, you know how much I love cards.

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This is a lovely welcoming doorway, it just feels it must be out in the country side of Ireland.

There is a white glitter border all around the green. The gold shamrock designs give it a holiday look.

The verse reads:

  • Wishing you
  • good times to look forward to
  • and love to come home to
  • on St. Patrick’s Day
  • and all your days.
  • DAY.

This is a Hallmark card Number SP 914-2

St. Patrick Day Card I sent 2013

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