In Memoriam

Hello readers,

My name is Korey and I am Margery’s grandson (perhaps you’ve read about me!). I know that Margery hasn’t posted to this blog in over six years, but I do know it still gets traffic and comments from time to time. I wanted to let you all know that Margery passed away this week after a long battle with dementia and other various illnesses. She was 89 years young.

Paperdolls were my grandmother’s passion. From the time she was a little girl into her old age she had always been fascinated by the artwork and fashion that paper doll creation and collection provided. As you have witnessed through this blog, she had a massive collection. Sharing it with you all had been a source of pride and joy for her. She appreciated that her hobby could bring enjoyment to, not only herself, but to others all over the world as well. As such, I am going to leave this blog active (with comments disabled) in the hopes that many more people will discover her paper dolls and find as much enjoyment in them as she did. Thank you all for bringing a small sliver of happiness into Margery’s life.



News of the Day

I had misplaced my entry words to get into the blog.
I did not want to start a new one as I was afraid I would
loose all the information on the old one.
My trip was not all good, had a nice time at Louise’s one day
paper doll party, enjoy visiting with old friends and
making new ones.
The day before leaving for the Richmond paper doll convention,
Marilyn was rushed into the hospital for surgery. SHE IS FINE AND
ALL RECOVERED NOW. But of course she missed out going to Richmond.

My daughter and all the female members of her family came up to
Marilyn’s and spent the day with us. WOW those that had been
little last time I saw them, about 5 years ago now had families
of their own. I have a photo of the 5 generations on face book,
next time Korey is home from college will ask him to post it here
to share with all of you.

Still not quite sure how to handle this retirement yet, been going
thru boxes and weeding out for now. Well that is all for now, see you
tomorrow. God Bless you all!

Well I thought I had retired 4-30-14 but have been working 4 to 6 hrs a few days each week training those taking over my duties. BUT TOMORROW EARLY IN THE MORNING I AM FLYING TO OHIO. I WILL BE GONE ABOUT 6 WEEKS COMING HOME ON July 2nd. I will be seeing my oldest daughter who I have not seen for about 5 years and her family, also staying with my friend Marilyn and going to the paper doll convention on 6/24/14 in Richmond, Va. So am not sure when I will be around a computer again before the 2nd of July. Hope you will all bare with me and meet me back here then. Hope to find some new paper dolls to share with you all. Love to my blog family Marge.

d-for-duckWith Love Mother at Easter with bookmarkeaster6b_small

The blue cARD here is the front of the poem card in the post above.


Easter baby bunny card - CopyWith Love Mother at Easter with bookmark #22013 Easter Card on Blog

I just love the adorable baby bunny card – have a wonderful day!

Click on the purple card and the words will show up larger.


Etta Kett Dolls Beach Outfits

I decided since there was a wedding paper doll, she went to the beach on her honeymoon.

Sitting here trying to clean up my e-mail – hopeless case I get so much junk mail.

I still need to do my income tax filing – 4-15- is getting close.

Etta Kett Wedding


Been under pressure to get the general ledger to the outside auditor so working at home in the evening.

Here is a paper doll for you to make up for the lack of talking.


I thought the Bunny and the Duck appropriate with Easter on its way.



26 mother earth

I find this wonderful, and such imagination, Mother Earth!!!! This would be so nice to see in person.

Tomorrow is the last day of year end (2013) work. Need to get the last of the 1099 forms in the mail. Then I can relax. Matt, one of the owners son asked about when I would start showing him what I do on a daily basis, told him I thought March 15th would be good, as one of the project men left recently and Matt is trying to finish up these jobs.

Got a letter from my daughter, guess God decided I had enough great grandchildren, he took the baby back home to him before it was even born here on earth. I can’t wait to see my daughter and all her family – it has been toooooooooo long.

Wow it is quarter to eight at night, guess I had better think about eating some supper, especially since I need to order in so that means it will be close to nine when I get to eat. Was busy ordering some craft items before going on the blog, time flies when you are busy spending money.

Have a nice night and may God and his angels watch over you. Marge


For someone who is too dumb to work the Windows 8 at home, she just installed it on her computer at work, in error. At least at work there is someone to help me. So maybe someday I will know what I am doing again.

I am starting to count the WEEKS until April 30th. Have some new paper doll sets to draw in mind. For most of May and June I will up in Ohio, and Maryland visiting friends and family. Going to the National paper doll convention, in Richmond Virginia, so hope to find some goodies to share on the blog.

Tomorrow is going up to the 80’s so maybe Florida weather is coming back, I hope.

Have seen my primary care doctor, the heart doctor, had an Echo test on my heart (pictures of the heart are taken) and so far all is okay. Oh yes saw the foot doctor too. My boss was teasing me about how nice I am to spend all my time with the doctors.

Did my grocery shopping yesterday and since I cannot carry I put on a show for the neighbors as I slid heavy items from the car to the door on the ground with my feet. someone was laughing you would think they would offer to help. But is is not a friendly neighborhood. Well enough from my little mind, let me see what I can find to share with you in the paper doll line.

This looks like it might be fun to do, think I will try it.

Have a nice evening